Sports Park Raceway debuts
Winners emerged in six different feature races as the Sports Park Raceway opened the 2017 season in front of a large crowd of fans Sunday night. read more

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May 7, 2017
When Jason Vansickel accepted the position of track promoter and manager at Sports Park Raceway this past winter, an immediate vision came to mind. Vansickel’s interest in reviving the reputation of the track at Frontier Sports Park wasn’t for personal gain, though. The 38-year-ol … read more

January 4, 2017
The raceway formerly known as Frontier Sports Park, will reopen under new management for the 2017 race season. Sports Park Raceway, located at 2298 South River Road, will be ready for racing action in 2017 under the direction of Jason Vansickel, Marty Pringle, & Dave Doughty. Jason Vansic … read more
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